In the course of my research, I have found some people who are researching the same names as myself.  They have all contributed information that appears on this website and that has assisted my research greatly, and I hope this has been reciprocated.

This page provides details of these fellow researchers, the surnames they are interested in, and how they can be contacted. 

Surnames: BARKER / SACH
Martin Hagger is researching the BARKER surname, the common ancestors between us being Samuel BARKER and Mary Ann COLLINS.  Martin is a descendant of Samuel's eldest son, William Isaac BARKER.  Martin can be contacted at this e-mail address and has his own Family Tree website at

Surname: DYBALL
Richard Dyball is based in Australia and is researching the surname DYBALL.  The common ancestors between us are William DYBALL and Elizabeth.  Richard is related through William's son Charles, who married Elizabeth IVES.  Richard can be contacted on

Surname: GATELEY
Martin Davis is researching the GATELEY surname. Our trees join up through the marriage of Thomas Martin GATELEY to Mary Ann EDMONDS in 1869. Martin has his own website from which he can be